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JungoHR will transform the way you

  • run human resources
  • manage onboarding
  • administer leave management
  • connect with insurance carriers
  • manage your benefits plan
  • process payroll
  • reduce administrative workload
  • access and analyze instant HR reports
  • spend 85% of your time
  • drive strategic business performance
  • reduce risk
  • achieve cost effectiveness
  • achieve carrier compliance
  • attract and retain talent
  • offer total compensation
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The Scalable Compensation Management Solution

Stop wasting time and resources managing several HR functions separately.

Get a total compensation management solution that can evolve with your business.

Reduce your administrative workload with JungoHR’s cloud-based HRIS platform.

Transform the HR function from being administrative and transactional to being strategic and performance driven.

JungoHR is designed for Canadian businesses of all sizes—from 20 employees to 50,000 employees.

We can handle your group insurance needs so you won’t have to switch solutions as your business grows.

 Empower Your HR Department

JungoHR makes business growth easier and more accessible for businesses in Canada. Use it to connect to insurance carriers, pay one invoice, and analyze and develop insights through 200 instant HR reports, from anywhere at any time. Our all-in-one technology platform is the foundation to automate, streamline, and empower your organization.

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Meeting HR's Evolving Needs

HR Technology That Transforms

Technology continues to shift the needs of the HR role. Businesses need more capability, more self-serve, and employee participation to reduce the heavy transactional component of the HR role.

HR Expertise to Navigate Strategy & Change

Global workforces and the regulations surrounding employment, benefits, and pension are becoming more complex. Companies do not simply need software to manage, but a field of experts to help them navigate this changing landscape.

Centralized Data, Reporting, Insights & Action

Businesses need visibility to total compensation—anything an employee receives directly or that is paid on behalf of the employee. Employees should understand their total compensation and employers will have more negotiating leverage.

A Canadian Total HR Solution

Service firms that offer singular products in a box to meet one HR need only create further complexity and can add incremental cost to what already exists. JungoHR is a fully integrated, scalable platform that can be configured to address most business complexities without customization.

How JungoHR Can Help Your Business

Core HR

Need to organize your data? JungoHR's Core HR makes automating your routine processes easier than ever. It gives you real time access to all your employee information, anytime, anywhere.


JungoHR makes it easier than ever to onboard new hires. Automating these processes will simplify operations, ensure consistency, and reduce error, all while improving your business.

Leave Management

JungoHR helps you streamline leave management with online request and approval workflow, automated leave tracking and accurals, and real-time leave calendars.


Only JungoHR provides connectivity to carriers for companies with 20 to 50,000+ employees. JungoHR has connectivity to 80% of the market. Enter data once and one click connects all participating insurers.