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Empowering Tomorrow's HR Professional, Today.

Our HR Hub, designed for HR professionals of all levels, includes access to a specially curated group of HR, legal, health and wellness and benefits experts.

Canada's first HRIS with multi-carrier connectivity.

We offer first-of-its-kind connectivity to Canadian insurance carriers, meaning no double or triple entry regardless of which carrier you are with.


Unleash Your People Power

JungoHR’s core HRIS modules are the foundation you need to automate, streamline, and empower your organization. Transform the HR function from being administrative to being strategic and performance driven.

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Ryan Mitchell CAIB, CPIB

COO, Mitchell Sandham

"Before partnering with JungoHR our onboarding process was inefficient. Now our certified onboarding checklist has created a completely streamlined hiring process. JungoHR's ability to automate internal processes ensures we're confident multiple employees aren't wasting time on the same tasks. We are excited about the future with JungoHR."

JungoHR Plus

Supercharge your company’s growth by investing in your HR stack. Add these modules to get even more power out of your HRIS.

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0 1,000,000

Our mission is to impact 1,000,000 Canadians by 2025. 338,000 right now.

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