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Collecting measurable data, tracking metrics, and using analytic tools are essential components when operating a competitive, and forward-thinking business.

HR is in the process of undergoing some significant changes and is developing swiftly within the 21st-century technological landscape.

To implement positive change in your HR department, it’s important to visualize the overall state of affairs. The following HR statistics can help. Arming yourself with the right data will help you strengthen your business.

In this e-book, we take a look at:

  • The prevalence of mobile HR apps
  • The cost of employee turnover
  • The benefits of performance management software
  • The inefficiencies of outdated HR software
  • The cost effectiveness of integrating new HR management software
  • Success rates of reward and recognition programs
  • Preferred employee benefits
  • HR spend on new technology

Download this e-book to learn more about the current state of human resources.

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