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Why Is JungoHR Administration Important?

Establishing, maintaining, and managing benefits on behalf of an organization is arduous, time consuming, and a disruptive process to both employees and administrators.

Often, the cost savings that may come in changing carriers will have been eroded when the first renewal comes in. And then the HR administrator is facing the decision of revisiting the marketplace or absorbing the increase.

JungoHR reduces administrative overhead and risk, and ensures better compliance and accuracy.

JungoHR Administration Provides:

  • Data Transfer

    Electronic transfer of data to your insurance carrier

  • Benefits Administration Expertise

    Benefits administration can be complicated and filled with rules that vary by province, as well as CLHIA guidelines.

    We have invested in world-class computer software to provide you with accurate and timely benefits administration.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Plan waivers available where allowed by contractual language

    We maintain an electronic record of all changes including documenting the time and identity of the individual making the changes

    Mandatory plans–enrolment/eligibility audit

    Compliance with provincial/federal legislation

  • Monthly Billing

    Offering a variety of billing reports

    Detailed monthly billing

    Comprehensive billing records

    Premium rate changes

    Plan design and benefit structure changes as required with amendment

    Employer/employee cost share

    Employee deductions calculation

    Receiving and reconciling monthly premiums

Member Management Services

  • Changes

    Life changes (marriage, cohabitation, separation, divorce, birth, death)

    Salary changes

    Address maintenance

    Name changes

    Changes in employer location (division)

    Changes in employee eligibility including hours of work and benefits class

  • Confirmation of Eligibility for New/Existing Employees

    Confirming that he/she is an employee of your company

    Confirming that the employee has completed the eligibility period required under the policy

    Confirming the eligibility of dependents for family benefits

    Establishing the effective date of the employee's insurance

    Establishing whether evidence of the employee's good health and/or the employee's dependents' good health is required for participation

    Beneficiary designation

  • Enrolment

    New employees–by fillable PDF forms, re-enrolment

    Electronic addition

    Entire plan additions–accurate collection of employee data (electronic transfer or re-enrolment of employees)

  • Terminations

    Termination of employment

    Severance and extension of benefits support

    Age restriction/termination

The Top Benefits of JungoHR Administration


All-inclusive services using state-of-the-art software


Competitiveness: JungoHR buys in large volumes and is able to negotiate discounts with carriers. We have significant clout in negotiating new contracts and renewals.


All employee information resides with JungoHR administration: We can introduce a new carrier to an employer’s plan with little or no disruption to a company and its plan members.


Plan sustainability and cost containment: JungoHR administration represents a significant block of business. We are able to spread risk over our entire block of business. This gives greater cost certainty and not as much vulnerability vs. dealing directly with an insurance company.


Access to multiple insurance carriers: Having access to multiple carriers helps to minimize increases to the company plan. It’s easier for JungoHR administration to negotiate a renewal with a carrier.