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Build benefits ideal for the individual using Applause's main principles:


Absolute freedom of choice


Optimized financial control


Complete digital access


Applause Lets Employees Own Their Health

With Applause, your employees can build a benefit plan unique to them. The employer funds an HSA for each employee. It is like having their very own personal benefit bank the account they can use to fund health expenses and they do not pay any tax on the money that comes out of their account for CRA approved Health, Dental & Vision expenses.

Unique Benefit Offerings

Applause is a fully integrated plan design. Along with the Applause HSA, your business can offer employees three unique benefit offerings:

  • Catastrophic coverage
  • Wellness Spending Account (WSA)
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Access Benefits on the Go

A digital solution to submitting claims, the Applause app makes it easy for employees to maintain continuous engagement with their benefits on any mobile device.

Harness the Power of Choice

Switch to Applause and hand control to those you value most—your employees.



Money can move between choices—employees are never locked into one choice. The option for annual personal choices based on changes needs is available.


The same or more disability and life insurance coverage.


There's opportunity to recoup or carry over unspent funds to the next year's plan.



Equipped with an open compensation strategy development. Our Integrated Plan Design ensures catastrophic protection when/if needed along lifestyle choice.


Stable premiums determined by the Employer, not an insurance company.


More value per premium dollar than a traditional plan by maximizing the available private and public claim subsidies that traditional plans ignore.

Applause is a strategic compensation model, proven to improve employee productivity and retention. Easily provide benefits that push costs down to the employee, and serve their needs with incremental personal funding.

I'm Ready to Choose

I'm Ready to Choose