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3-Features-Your-Company's-HR-Platform-Absolutely-Needs---compressorThere was a time when the human resources department, like many other main facets of your business, didn't need to be high-tech. But in a digital world, accessible HR solutions have become a necessity. That's why so many organizations are making the effort to invest in comprehensive HR software. But what are the important features these HR platforms need to have? We've outlined three of the most important below.

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1. Onboarding

No matter how large or small your company is, you cannot afford to underestimate the importance of a good onboarding program. This period is a pivotal one for new hires, as it can determine whether an employee will stay for years or may soon seek other employment elsewhere.

By implementing an excellent onboarding program, you can reduce employee turnover (and related costs) and improve employee satisfaction. HR software can allow you to automate and streamline this process to ensure consistency across the board and decrease errors.

2. Connectivity

Deloitte research has found that approximately 40 percent of millennials select an employer based on the health and wellness benefits they offer. That means benefits are a big deal to a significant portion of the workforce today.

If you aren't able to provide them in a way that appeals to the hires you need, you may have trouble attracting talent or keeping employees around. Your HR software should offer connectivity to the majority of market carriers, as this will allow you to provide more adequate benefits to employees. Ultimately, this can help curb employee turnover and improve worker satisfaction, just like an onboarding process does.


Your company is likely growing and changing all the time, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to invest in a stagnant HR setup. You need something that's going to accommodate your developing needs. When researching the available HR software available to you, you'll probably want to focus on one that's scalable. Whether you have 50 employees or 10,000, you deserve an intuitive platform that won't let you down.

Be sure to choose a platform that will grow along with you, instead of one you'll have to learn and later abandon when it can't handle the size of your business any longer.

If you've been searching for the perfect HR platform for your business that encompasses these three components, you're in luck. JungoHR's unique system contains all of these and more. For additional information on our software and why it might provide the solutions your business needs, contact us today to book a demo


Kathy Ciccolini

Kathy Ciccolini

Kathy Ciccolini has over 15 years of human resources, leadership, and adjudication practice and experience. She worked in financial services and the public sector for the majority of her career. Her expertise is employee relations, policy, and legislation with a passionate belief that every workplace can and should be a great place to work. She has an MBA from the Schulich School of Business and Advanced Certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution. She has an active family of three teenaged children, a husband, and a dog, and she loves to read, cook, and entertain in her home with family and friends.