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4_Tips_to_Make_a_Case_for_an_HRIS_in_Your_CompanyAs an HR leader, you know the value of new technologies in your company. New technology can assist you in so many different ways, making processes more efficient and less time-intensive. Your employees can get their work done sooner and get back to the things that matter the most to your business.

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A human resource information system (HRIS) is one of the best technological investments a business can make right now. If you’ve been thinking about adopting an HRIS, you’re likely planning to present a plan to your management team. If so, here are some tips to make the case for the investment.

1. Emphasize Versatility

A human resource information system is useful for businesses because of its versatility. Unlike other solutions, the HRIS can assist you in many different ways. Other solutions are used to streamline one task, such as payroll or applicant tracking. The HRIS, on the other hand, can do it all. It’s a full HR stack.

This is an important point to make when you present your case for adopting this system in your business. With so many solutions out there, the management team may think this solution is yet another costly tool that will only help you complete one or two tasks. By emphasizing the many tasks the human resource information system can manage, you’ll be able to make a far more compelling case.

2. Talk about Value

There will come a point in the discussion when everyone wants to discuss costs. Instead of looking at dollar figures, however, be sure to emphasize the value of this solution in your business.

Most new pieces of technology have a price tag, although some of these systems can be purchased using your existing benefits dollars, making it cost-effective.

A human resource information system will be able to help you lower overheads and operate more efficiently as well. As such, it adds value to your business. Helping people understand how much the HRIS adds to your business will make it obvious the system is worth much more than the price tag.

3. Preparing for the Future

Adopting a human resource information system now will help you prepare for tomorrow. As technology continues to evolve and change, you can bet more advanced systems and programs will soon arrive in the HR departments of businesses around the world.

While this might sound like a good argument to wait for those advanced systems, adopting the HRIS now will put you ahead of the curve. Continuing to upgrade both the system and the skills needed to operate it is a much simpler prospect than starting from scratch. Adopting now makes moving forward in the future easier.

4. Speak to Company Values

What does your company value? Is it taking care of employees and providing a great workplace? Is it being efficient and maximizing productivity? Or perhaps the business puts great emphasis on being a leader in technology and adopting the latest advances.

The system can help you address one or all of those things. It can be used to bolster your company values. It will help you finish HR processes more efficiently and increase productivity. It will help your business achieve the goal of moving forward in the technological arena.

Perhaps most importantly, the human resource information system can help you look after your employees. Onboarding and hiring processes can be improved. Payroll and benefits administration can be streamlined.

There’s so much an HRIS can do for your company, it’s little wonder why you’d want one. Making a strong case for adopting one in your business will help you achieve your business goals with ease.


John Griffin

John Griffin

John Griffin is Executive Vice President, Operations. With 16 years of experience, John has worked exclusively as a group benefits professional for his entire career, where he has had the good fortune to have worked with some of the best brands in the business as they entered new markets for the first time. He is obsessed with the client experience for both plan sponsors and plan members, which translates into tireless advocacy for bringing innovation into the insurance marketplace. John Griffin holds a BA from the University of Toronto and earned an MBA from Warwick Business School in England. John has written and published three books and spends most of his leisure time hunting down the best food in every city he visits.