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Over the years, HR has become increasingly strategic. As a result, the human resources department in many companies has also become more integral in driving overall business strategy. In this environment, it’s likely you’ll be called upon to present your HR strategy to others in your company.

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Many of these presentations will feature an audience of those in the C-suite and managerial positions. You may need to present a strategy to get management buy-in or budget approval. Later, you may need to make strategy presentations to other employees to get them onboard with the new direction for HR activities.

It’s one thing to deliver an HR strategy presentation. It’s another thing to deliver a successful and persuasive presentation. These five tips will help you do just that.

1. Tell a Story with Your HR Strategy Presentation

Human beings love stories, which is why people have been telling tales since ancient times. Crafting a narrative for your presentation is one way to keep everyone interested and build emotional investment.

You don’t need to turn the presentation into a fairy tale or moral lesson, but do consider its narrative structure. Where is HR starting from? Where do they need to go? How do they get there?

You might recognize this format behind your strategy anyway. It’s the same basic narrative structure most stories use. Now turn it into an emotionally appealing narrative, and get your audience invested in the outcomes.

Using a narrative is also an effective way of organizing your content. This can help streamline your presentation.

2. Do Your Research

A thoroughly researched HR strategy presentation is going to be more persuasive than one where the information is incomplete. If you haven’t done your research, your audience may have questions you can’t answer.

This is a problem because it undermines your expertise. Your audience then begins to doubt what you’re saying.

When you do your research, people are much more likely to buy into your strategy.

3. Be Passionate

Is there anything worse than a presenter who stands at the front of the room, reading from a script? They don’t look at the audience, and they don’t have any passion in their voice.

If you’re not excited, your audience isn’t going to be excited either. Avoid sounding bored and bring some of your enthusiasm to the presentation. You’ve done the research, and you know why this is such a powerful strategy for your company.

To avoid reading off a script, make sure you’re familiar with your material and the information you want to present. Don’t be afraid to wander away from your notes or slides, but always bring the conversation back.

4. Manage the Q&A Session

You should always leave some time in your HR strategy presentation for questions. It’s usually best to keep questions to a period at the end of the presentation. This helps you stay on topic and on time.

You’ll need to manage the question period effectively. If people are asking off-topic or unrelated questions, ask to follow up with them afterwards. Always be prepared for curveball questions that will knock you off your game. It is okay to say, “I don’t know,” but make a point of following up with this person once you find the answer.

5. Make It Interactive

If you can, find a way to get your audience involved in your presentation. This will spark their interest and keep them more attentive throughout the presentation.

With these tips, you can deliver better presentations and get more support for your new HR strategy.


Kaneez Jaffer

Kaneez is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) with an advanced knowledge of human resources and organizational structure and design. She has extensive experience with HRIS systems and understands the need to move HR from a transactional model to a transformational one. She has worked in the investment banking, insurance, and legal industries, as well as with large not-for-profit centres helping to simplify and streamline their internal systems. Kaneez is an expert in building relationships and affecting change in a positive and productive way. She acts as the key HR business partner at Apri Insurance Services Inc, managing the implementation of JungoHR, while providing expert advice and counsel on a range of HR matters. Kaneez holds a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management as well as a Certificate in HR Law for HR Professionals from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Canada.

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