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5 Ways Companies Can Give Back to the Community

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Companies become integral parts of the communities they operate in. Your employees will often live nearby to reduce their commute. They buy houses, join clubs, participate in activities, and send their children to school in these communities. Your company office becomes a feature of the landscape.

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As a result, many company managers and owners feel compelled to give back to the communities where their employees live, learn, and play. Becoming a valued member of the local community is in almost any business’s best interests, and there are many ways you can give back.

1. Sponsor Local Sports

Some of your employees may have children who go to school and participate in clubs and sports leagues. One great thing you can do to give back to your community is sponsor these local little-league activities.

If your community has junior, amateur, or even adult league sports, you might consider sponsorship there as well. You may even find a local athlete or event to support. For many of your employees, sports are important, so being visible and active in the local sporting community can truly make you a “part of the team.”

It could even showcase your commitment to health and wellness.

2. Host an Event

Does your community have a local parade or a fair? Maybe there’s an annual Canada Day picnic or fireworks display. You could sign up to become a company partner in supporting these sorts of community celebrations.

If there aren’t many events in your community, think about creating one! A 5K run, a spaghetti dinner, or a festival could be just what your community needs to truly come together.

3. Team up with a Charity

There are probably more than a few charities operating in your community. Some are big, national charities, such as the United Way or the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Others may be smaller, local charities.

Take a survey of the charities at work in your community and ask how you can be part of their efforts to make your community a better place to be. You may be able to collect donations, run a charity drive, host a fundraiser, or even send in a volunteer team to support a worthy cause and help people in your community.

4. Support a Green Initiative

The environment is a big concern for many people today. No doubt some of your employees think about their carbon footprint or how they can reduce waste at home. They may even support green initiatives around your workplace.

If you haven’t thought about greening your business yet, now’s the time to do so. Better yet, you can partner with local charities and environmental advocacy groups to support green initiatives in your community. Maybe there’s a plant-a-tree program you can work with to beautify your office property or maybe your own tree-planting team can get their hands dirty!

Other initiatives and opportunities abound in the green sector. Electronic waste recycling programs, river maintenance and clean-up efforts, and more all present excellent ways for you and your company to get involved.

5. Donate to a School or Library

As mentioned, some of your employees may have children who attend school in your community. If so, you might want to consider donating to a school or library in your community.

Even if none of your employees have children, donating to educational initiatives in the public school system or even a university or college can be a wonderful way of giving back to your community. You might consider creating a scholarship or a prize for outstanding students in subjects tied to your business.

With so many options for getting involved in your community, it will be difficult to choose just one or two ways to give back! The good news is it’s easy to become an even bigger part of your community and showcase the things your company truly values.


Mario Malatesta

Mario Malatesta

With experience in the financial services industry and the group benefits industry, Mario Malatesta founded GroupQuest Benefits Resources Inc with just his business partner. Today, GroupQuest is a leading Group MGA in Canada with about $150M of group insurance premium in force and a support team of over 35 staff members including: renewal, marketing, sales, and service support teams. GroupQuest has offices in Vancouver, BC and Calgary, AB, as well as a head office in Mississauga, ON.   Mario is married with two children (twins). He enjoys many different sports and travelling with his family.

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