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5_Ways_Human_Resources_Is_Being_DisruptedHuman resources is a rapidly evolving field today. Already, HR has made leaps and bounds from its humble roots in the background operations. Today’s HR is far more strategic, and most HR departments are now transforming into leadership roles within organizations big and small.

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With evolution, however, comes disruption. New ideas, new tools, and new methodologies are changing the way HR functions and even the way it’s understood.

Just how is HR being disrupted? You can count some of the ways HR is being disrupted and transformed into the human resources of tomorrow.

1. Technology Is the Biggest Disruptor

Technology often comes to life as a way of simplifying an everyday task. In essence, it’s designed to make the things you do easier. You can think of everything from a dishwasher to the car to the smartphone sitting in your pocket right now.

With this innovation, however, comes the potential for complete revolution and disruption. Take, for example, the automation afforded by new HR software. Automation is designed to simplify common HR tasks, but it’s also introducing new challenges and making leaders rethink the role of the HR specialist. With more time thanks to automation, HR is fast becoming more strategic.

2. A Shift to Constant Performance Management

Technology is one area of disruption, and most people believe it’s the biggest disruptor. Adopting new technology often opens up new avenues, allowing people to focus on other tasks or aspects of their jobs.

The other realm of disruption comes in the forms of ideas and theories. One of the new ideas in HR is constant performance management. In the past, performance management was often limited to reprimanding employees and periodic performance reviews.

Today’s employees prefer more hands-on management and constant feedback, and HR is aligning itself with these views. Performance management now happens on an informal, ongoing basis.

3. The Revolution in Recruitment and Onboarding

Technology and new ideas have collided to revolutionize HR in terms of recruitment and onboarding activities. New technologies, such as better applicant tracking systems, have made it easier for HR specialists to sort through applications and screen potential candidates.

This streamlining effect has freed up time, which has allowed hiring managers and other HR professionals to turn their attention to improving their onboarding and recruitment activities. The idea of an optimal candidate experience is pervasive, and technology powers the insights needed to create it.

4. Corporate Learning Is Being Retooled for the Modern Company

Technology is the main driver behind the recent revival of corporate learning. New tools are allowing HR departments to rethink how they engage employees in learning, training, and development opportunities.

This ties into new ideas about continuous performance management, but many HR professionals are now embracing the idea of continuous employee development and skills training. Learning is delivered in bite-sized lessons on an almost daily basis.

5. There’s a New Focus on Well-Being

Perhaps one of the more interesting disruptors of modern HR departments is the focus on well-being. The market for wellness programs and other employee benefits has taken off in the past few years.

The interest in wellness and employee well-being ties back into a new paradigm within the HR department. Your employees are valuable assets, and they perform better when they’re well-supported by the company.

Business leaders are now investigating how benefits and wellness programs, among other initiatives, help employees live their best lives and, in turn, deliver their best performances.

As it’s become apparent companies need a new way to interact with their employees, HR has shifted into a more strategic leadership role. Many of the disruptions seen today are part and parcel of this shift in thinking, and these insights will power the HR departments of tomorrow.


Darwyne Lang

Darwyne is the president and CEO of Apri Insurance Services Inc. Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, he lives the benefits business every day. He is a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). He understand the needs, costs, misconceptions, and effects on brand and culture, and the importance of benefits for employees. No matter what he’s doing, whether for work or pleasure, Darwyne competes at a very high level. He loves to lead and innovate in everything he does.

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