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The pandemic has forced many of us to rethink our work processes. The push for “contactless” workflows saw us adopt new technologies to electronically add our signatures to documents. (Bonus: it’s a greener workflow too!)

We’ve also seen plenty of challenges around remote work and mental health. How can we keep our teams motivated? Some people have missed the social aspects of the office, and even those who prefer remote work are struggling with isolation. Sick days and other leave management policies have gotten a serious second look.

The world of work has changed, and a lot of those changes are going to stick with us into the following years. That’s why you need new technology. With new Modules for your JungoHR HRIS, you’ll be more than ready to take on the post-pandemic era and all its challenges.

Manage Employee Health with the New Wellness Module

Health was front and centre during the pandemic. While many of us were concerned with physical health, mental health also ended up in the spotlight. Lockdowns, social isolation, stress, and even trauma all became key topics.

Managing return-to-work anxiety and re-adjusting to the stressors of office life, such as a different work-life balance, will be important in the coming months. Long-term, mental health will remain a focus for both in-office and remote employees.

The new Wellness Module is designed to help you and your team members keep better tabs on their health. They can get advice when they need it and perform better at work and in all aspects of their life.

Support Remote Work with New Modules for Projects and Training

Remote work was a staple of the pandemic. Many companies, like Google and IBM, have created permanently remote roles, as well as “hybrid” workforces. Many employees also want to keep their remote roles.

Managing remote work is much easier when you have the right technology, and JungoHR has upgraded the HRIS to include new Modules to do just that. The Projects module helps you keep track of every aspect of a project, including who is working on what and progress towards goals. You can also keep an eye on scheduling, project status, and even productivity.

The Training Module is also ideal for remote and hybrid teams. It allows you to deliver comprehensive training to your team members anywhere and anytime.

Keep Tabs on Changing Rules with the Policies Modules

Many organizations have had to review their policies over the last year and a half. Leave management, sick days, and even Internet and employer-provided device policies have all been under scrutiny. You’ve also had to revise your workplace health and safety protocols.

With the new Policies Module in your HRIS, you can easily keep track of all these policies. It’s simple to add new policies and revise existing ones. The centralized nature of the HRIS then makes it easy to make sure every team member is aware of updated policies. On top of that, you’ll know everyone is accessing the latest version of rules and guidelines.

Gather Employee Feedback with Ease

The new Surveys Module makes it easier than ever to administer employee surveys. You can gather employee feedback and crunch the numbers to see how teams are doing, design better benefits, and much more.

Stay on Top of Expirations

Finally, the Expirations Module lets you stay on top of software licenses, insurance policies, benefits renewals, and more. Simply plug in your information, and the HRIS will remind you when a license, policy, or other crucial aspects of your business needs to be renewed.

Your HRIS Can Do So Much More

If you thought your HRIS was powerful before, these new Modules extend its functionality further. With the right technology on your side, managing the needs of your post-pandemic business will be even more streamlined and efficient.

Get in touch to discover everything a better HRIS could do for you!


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