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Most of us in HR know the value of offering a benefits plan to our team members. Better benefits tend to improve employee satisfaction and happiness. They even contribute to employee productivity. The right benefits plan can also help you attract new talent.

Most people want benefits too. Yet employees often make it clear they don’t fully understand the value of their plans.

You may have run into this in your organization. You take surveys and adjust benefits plans, but your team members are still dissatisfied. They feel their plans don’t offer them enough coverage or enough flexibility. They might sometimes express total dissatisfaction, saying their plans offer them benefits they don’t use—even though you revised the plan to include what they want.

What gives? Often, this situation has nothing to do with the benefits plan itself. Rather, the issue is how you’re communicating about it. Better communication will help your team members see just how great their plan is.

Use these tips to ensure clearer communication.

Make Sure You Value the Plan

The first step is to examine your own perception of the benefits plan. Do you and your team think it’s great? If you feel like you need to lie about its value, it might be time to review.

What about the folks in the C-suite? If they’re constantly slashing benefits or refusing to listen to survey data about the benefits employees actually want, then the message is clear: nobody values the benefits plan, and it’s going to be the first thing to get cut.

What can you about this? It might be time to revisit how you offer benefits. Many HR managers and C-suite executives know that group benefits can be expensive and they don’t offer enough flexibility. Have you explored newer options for offering benefits? Have you considered switching providers?

Restructuring the benefits plan, revising it to include more of what your employees want, and making it more flexible are all ways to add more value.

Brand It

Your next step is to brand your benefits plan. A memorable name, along with a branded portal, makes learning about benefits much more appealing. Use the portal to help employees clearly see what benefits they have and the value that brings.

The portal and other branded documents can be used to present clear, easy-to-understand information about benefits plans. They’re also more accessible. A lot of employees feel their benefits aren’t great because they don’t understand what they have. They don’t take the time to read through the dense policy and documents.

Branding helps solve that issue, helping your team members be more aware of their benefits.

Communicate Total Compensation

You also need to literally value the benefits plan. It’s often easy for people to forget that their compensation isn’t just their salary. Benefits plans offer much more.

Communicate total compensation to all your employees. This includes a dollar figure for the benefits plan. This can be difficult, especially if you have a flexible structure. Some employees may get much more out of the plan than others.

Using breakdowns and examples can help illustrate how an employee could use their plan. That will help them see how they could make use of the plan to support their own needs.

Keep in mind that some employees will still be skeptical. If you can, use data to show them averages for the company or offer them a tool to indicate how much their own use would be worth.

Make Sure You’re Offering the Best Plan

HR works hard to offer the right benefits to employees, so it’s frustrating to hear about employee dissatisfaction with a plan. You can stay one step ahead of your team with the right technology. An HRIS could help you discover which benefits are the most popular, make submitting claims easier, and much more.

Discover how an HRIS can help your team today!



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