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Help_Attract_and_Retain_the_Best_Talent_with_an_HRISCanadian unemployment hit a 40-year low in December 2017. Despite some stutters and starts in the six months since, the general consensus is unemployment has remained low across Canada. For employers, this has meant increasing competition when it comes to hiring new employees.

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You’re already aware of the need to hire the best and brightest for your team. After all, one of a business’s most important assets is its people. Your people are what make your brand and drive you forward. Having the best gives you a competitive edge in a tough business environment.

It was already difficult for smaller businesses to find and hire the top talent. Even larger companies sometimes struggled to find the right people. Most have difficulty retaining their talented workers over the long term. With unemployment so low, the task has become even more challenging. You’ll need a helping hand, and a human resources information system (HRIS) can offer you that assistance.

Deliver a Better Candidate Experience

An HRIS can help you attract the best talent to work with your team by helping you build a better candidate experience from the ground up. From assisting with better job descriptions to automating communications to make them timelier, the HRIS is the helper you didn’t know you needed.

Communication is a key point for job candidates, so if you want to improve the experience, make sure you stay in touch. Outline the hiring process, when they can expect to hear from you, and when they can expect decisions.

The HRIS can also work with other programs, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS), to help you sort applications more efficiently.

A Better Onboarding Process

Another key point for your employees is the onboarding process. You’ve gone through the hiring process, interviewing candidates and narrowing the selection down to one person who got the job. You made an offer and they accepted.

Communication is key again here. Use the HRIS to help build a better onboarding process. It can be used to time and send messages to make your new hire feel welcome and like part of the team even before they set foot in the office on the first day.

An HRIS can also assist you in streamlining the process of onboarding. It can help you schedule training and meetings, and keep track of forms and agreements.

Monitoring Benefits

An HRIS can also assist you in benefits administration in your business. Benefits packages are incredibly important to today’s employees. Offering better benefits can help you retain the talented people you’ve hired for your team.

Use your HRIS to keep an eye on benefits usage, to evaluate carrier offerings, and even to survey your employees for feedback on the package you currently offer. Benefits will be delivered more seamlessly, and your employees will get more of what they want.

Create Engagement Strategies

Did you know your HRIS can help you implement employee engagement strategies for your business?

How exactly does an HRIS help you boost employee engagement? The software can assist you in designing and executing strategies designed to bolster engagement in your company. It can help you deliver better performance reviews and more timely feedback. You can also use it to foster learning, create rewards and recognition programs, and more.

All these strategies are designed to help you engage with your employees and provide them with more satisfaction from their jobs and their workplace. More engaged employees are often more creative, more productive, absent less often, and more likely to stay with your company longer.

Focus on the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Using the HRIS can help you focus more on the experience you provide to your employees throughout their entire careers with you. From the time they apply for a job, the HRIS can help you provide the best experience and make working for your company more rewarding.


John Griffin

John Griffin

John Griffin is Executive Vice President, Operations. With 16 years of experience, John has worked exclusively as a group benefits professional for his entire career, where he has had the good fortune to have worked with some of the best brands in the business as they entered new markets for the first time. He is obsessed with the client experience for both plan sponsors and plan members, which translates into tireless advocacy for bringing innovation into the insurance marketplace. John Griffin holds a BA from the University of Toronto and earned an MBA from Warwick Business School in England. John has written and published three books and spends most of his leisure time hunting down the best food in every city he visits.