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There’s been an enormous shift in the last few months, one that’s likely to continue for the foreseeable future. In-person meetings and events have almost disappeared from the landscape. In their place, virtual events have become the new norm for many businesses.

HR departments are doing everything from performance reviews to exit interviews online. As lockdowns lift and businesses reopen, they’re also recruiting and hiring.

While some businesses were already adding virtual hiring to their processes, more organizations have made this change in the last few months. Many have switched to entirely virtual for now as well.

These best practices will help you navigate this new virtual world with ease and confidence.

Develop a Standardized Rating System

You may already have a rating system for candidates you interview in-person. In that case, you’ll just need to adapt it for the virtual hiring environment.

Hiring online can present issues for your in-person rating system. A candidate’s Internet connection may be slow, which could cause lag in their video or audio. Can you really rate them on their tone of voice? You shouldn’t necessarily be docking a potential team member points because of technological issues.

A standardized rating system should account for these factors and provide you with a way to compare candidates, technology notwithstanding. By developing a rating system this way, you’ll be able to give everyone a fair shake. In turn, you’ll be more likely to hire the person who is really the best fit.

Test Your Equipment

Candidates are just one part of the equation when it comes to conducting a virtual interview. Your equipment and software also need to be checked and tested on a regular basis.

You may want to invest in technology, such as an upgraded web camera or better audio processing. You might also want to consider your Internet connection and the software you’re using, like Skype or Zoom.

Once you’ve decided on an app, be sure to check it regularly for updates. You should also ensure the program has the appropriate permissions after each update, so it can continue to access your camera and microphone. Otherwise, you may find you have trouble when you head into an interview.

Adopt the Right Tools

You may have already decided to invest in a phone with a better camera or an upgraded audio system for your desktop. You might have also considered the web conferencing tools you use.

Don’t forget about support tools like scheduling apps. These allow you to easily share your schedule and book interviews with candidates. They mean fewer emails going back and forth between you, and make it much easier to book times.

Other tools might include testing software or recruitment software that allow you to easily review applications and pull the best candidates.

Prepare Candidates

Before you head into a virtual hiring session, you should make sure you’ve given the candidate clear expectations. Send them an outline, include technical tips, and link them to anything they may need to download.

Your instructions should be precise and detailed. You should consider including a backup audio line to dial in to, in case anything goes wrong. Troubleshooting tips can also be helpful.

Candidates should also know about how long the interview will take. Inform them on who they’ll be meeting with, just like you would for an in-person interview.

Remember Employer Branding

Shifting your hiring process online has meant some tweaks, but not everything has needed to change. One of the aspects of your hiring that shouldn’t change is your employer branding.

Take steps to ensure every candidate receives the same quality experience, and that the messages you communicate are in line with the employer brand. Good communication before and after the interview are key to providing a better candidate experience.

Virtual hiring doesn’t need to be difficult, and these best practices can help you keep making great hires.




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