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How_an_HRIS_Can_Streamline_Your_Leave_Management_ProcessSummer is here, and most employees have one thing on their minds: vacation. You, as the HR manager or business owner, likely have the same thing on your mind, but for different reasons. Summer vacation means increased leave management needs for your business.

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This year, you can simplify your leave management process by using your HRIS. If you don’t already have a human resource information system in place, you may want to consider adopting one. For those of you already using one, discover more about how it can help you manage leaves more effectively this summer.

Keeping Track of Employee Leaves

When an employee books time off, you’ll need to ensure they actually have the time available to do so. Sometimes, this causes issues. An employee may book off time even though they haven’t earned enough time to cover the vacation or they may have already used too many vacation days.

The HRIS can help you and your employees keep track of how much time someone has accrued and how much time they’ve used. The HRIS may even allow for employee self-service, which means your employees can keep track of their vacation and leave accruals, as well as monitor their use. Employees who have access to this information through a self-service platform are often more mindful of their use.

Schedule More Effectively

One of the major challenges of summer vacation is that almost everyone will want the same time off. Vacations will overlap with people taking an additional day or two to stretch out their long weekend. If you have employees on parental or disability leave, this can further complicate matters.

The HRIS will allow you to schedule more effectively. It can help you keep track of how many people have already booked off the Labour Day long weekend, along with showing you how long someone is away for. You can easily see who is away when and for how long.

This can help you strategically schedule vacations to prevent overlap as much as possible. While it’s likely some people will still be away at the same time, you may be able to keep key projects rolling if vacations are staggered.

Use Your People Strategically

Once you’ve determined who will be away and when, you can make better strategic decisions about who will be carrying out tasks over the summer. If the manager is away, who will supervise the department? Once you’ve decided who’s in charge, you’ll want to divvy up their work responsibilities to keep them from being overloaded or overwhelmed.

You can also schedule project work this way as well. Look at the schedule for any projects you have going on around the office and try to work around vacation. If a key person is away, can the project be led by another team or decision maker? This kind of strategic thinking will help keep things moving forward even as your team takes their hard-earned vacation time.

Hire with Ease

How else can your HRIS help you with leave management? Some companies find it useful to hire extra help during the summer. A summer student could assist you in catching up on tasks like filing or they could assist with a special project. They may even be able to provide coverage for longer-term leaves.

Hiring summer help is a breeze with the HRIS. It can help you streamline your hiring and onboarding processes. You can hire the right candidates for your business sooner. In turn, you’ll realize more flexibility in managing leaves throughout the summer.

Find out What Else an HRIS Can Do

Leave management isn’t the only HR task an HRIS can assist you with. Discover more about how this system can benefit your business and consider adopting one to upgrade your HR activities.


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