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How_HR_Automation_Is_Putting_the_Human_Back_in_Human_ResourcesWhen you think about automation, you likely envision androids and robotic machines working on the line in a factory. The last thing you think about is human beings. If anything, you might believe machines are now beginning to make humans “obsolete.”

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This isn’t true, and it’s certainly not the case when you look at the human resources department in most businesses today. In fact, you could say automation is helping HR professionals put the “human” back in “human resources.” Here’s how.

Get Back to What Matters

While some people fear that HR automation is taking jobs from people, most HR leaders agree that automating the most rote tasks and processes can actually open up new job opportunities.

What’s more, HR automation speeds up those routine tasks, taking them off the desks of your talented HR staff members. With these often time-intensive tasks out of the way, your people can get back to what really matters. They can spend more time working with new hires, creating a better onboarding program, building a culture, and revising policies.

Become More Insightful

Today’s machines “learn” by processing and collecting vast amounts of data. With this data in hand, they can make better decisions and recommendations about how to complete processes. Chatbots are a great example. These AI-enabled programs interact with customers and respond appropriately to questions. They continue to learn as they interact with more people.

Not every machine learns this way, but many still collect reams of data. You can use this information to power insights about your employees and your business. What’s going wrong in your hiring process? What was the most effective part of onboarding?

Using analytics, you can collect the data you need and power the insights required to grow the business, improve the work environment, and create a better workplace for your employees.

Be a Presence in the Workplace

Although HR professionals are known to say their doors are always open, employees don’t always feel this way. They often feel as though HR is closed off. After all, you’re always in your office performing administrative works that you can’t keep up with.

Thanks to automation, you can manage these tasks more efficiently and complete them sooner, giving you your time back to make rounds in the office, get to know employees, and build rapport. Interacting with employees will help you better understand morale in the office, and help workers feel more comfortable coming to you.

Is It Right for You?

One question you might have is whether or not HR automation is right for you. The answer is yes. HR automation and other technologies are the way of the future in HR. By investing now, you’ll be ahead of the curve.


Darwyne Lang

Darwyne is the president and CEO of Apri Insurance Services Inc. Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, he lives the benefits business every day. He is a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). He understand the needs, costs, misconceptions, and effects on brand and culture, and the importance of benefits for employees. No matter what he’s doing, whether for work or pleasure, Darwyne competes at a very high level. He loves to lead and innovate in everything he does.

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