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How HR Software Can Improve the Candidate Experience

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How_HR_Software_Can_Improve_the_Candidate_Experience-1The candidate experience during the hiring process has become a focal point for many HR managers and hiring managers as well.

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The candidate experience is important for both the successful and the unsuccessful job applicants for roles within your company. A number of candidates may actually come from your client pool. If the experience they have as a candidate is negative, they may decamp to one of your competitors. You, in turn, lose revenue. Finally, people are more likely to report a negative experience to their friends and family, which can harm your reputation.

The big problem is the length of time it can take to hire. During this time, your HR team is very busy. Adding any additional tasks to their workload won’t be a welcome proposition. How can you improve the candidate experience without adding to an already busy team’s workload? HR software could provide the solution.

Sort Applications Faster

The average job posting today receives dozens of applications. Sorting through these applications by hand takes time. Businesses making use of HR software, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS), find they sort applications much more efficiently.

Any software or artificial intelligence can be useful in this endeavour. Even an Excel spreadsheet can be sorted. So long as the HR software you’re using can automatically pull in relevant information to sort, it will save you time and money by prescreening job candidates. You, in turn, spend time going over the applications of those candidates deemed a good fit.

Automate Communication

Some companies are adopting chatbots to help them communicate with candidates more frequently and more efficiently. These AI-powered programs can chat with job candidates and help answer queries. They create contact from the outset of the application process and continue communicating all the way through.

You may not be ready for a chatbot, but you can still improve communication to create a better candidate experience. HR software can help you automate some of your communication. Most companies only contact the successful candidates who are selected for an interview. If you combine automated messaging and your ATS, it’s possible to send automated messages to those who won’t be interviewed as well.

You can also send automated messages when someone applies, informing them their application has been received and will be reviewed. This message can also outline the next steps, such as when and if they’ll hear from you. Even if the job applicant isn’t selected for an interview, communication lets them know what to expect.

Schedule Interviews with Ease

Another thing software can make easier is the work of scheduling the interview. This process can involve plenty of back and forth among the candidate, the interviewer, and the hiring manager as they try to coordinate their schedules.

There’s an easier way. HR software can help you by allowing for online calendar sharing. Simply plug in your availability and your interview timeslots, and share the calendar with the candidate. They can then pick the time that best suits their schedule. This eliminates the back and forth and makes scheduling a breeze.

Create a Simpler Application Process

HR software can also help simplify the application process for job candidates. Using an online portal can make submitting a resume as easy as clicking a few buttons and uploading a file. This streamlines the application process for both the candidates and for your HR team.

Reduce Timelines

Finally, HR software will help you streamline your hiring processes and speed up the process. With better communication and more streamlined processes, you’ll likely reduce your average time to hire. This goes a long way to creating an even better candidate experience.

The candidate experience is more important than ever before. Create the best experience possible by using the right HR software in your business. It will benefit everyone, from your HR team to the candidates who apply to work with you.

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Darwyne Lang

Darwyne Lang

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