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With so much data at your fingertips, thanks to human resources information systems and other software solutions, it’s easier than ever to make smarter business decisions and create long-term HR strategies that drive better business. 

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Becoming a strategic HR superstar is a little harder than it looks at first glance. HR departments haven’t always been focused on strategy. Hiring decisions are often made quickly, even in this day and age. Your training and work experience to date may not have put an emphasis on strategy either. 

These tips will help you become the HR superstar you were born to be.

Hone Your Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic thinking is considered by most a soft skill, meaning it can be difficult to teach, learn, and master. It is possible, however. You might decide to take a course in strategic planning. Even participating in a webinar or class on data analysis can help you learn to think more strategically. 

Another way to work on strategic thinking skills is simply to practice them. Take a look at your hiring process for example. What frustrated you the last time around? What do you think you could have done better? How would you go about hiring in the future?

Adopt an HRIS

The next step will involve some budget approvals, but it’s essential if you want to become a strategic HR superstar. The human resource information system (HRIS) is designed to assist you in making smarter business decisions. 

Software solutions are transforming almost every aspect of business, and HR is no exception. An HRIS helps you collect data, then analyze that information to make better business decisions. You can visualize your workflow through the hiring and onboarding process to pinpoint where you can make better decisions. You can even analyze information about your benefits administration.

Learn to Use the HRIS Inside Out

The best thing you can do once you’ve adopted an HRIS is learn to use it as effectively as possible. The tool is designed to aid you in many ways. If you know how to use it effectively and efficiently, you’ll get even more out of it.

The HRIS collects data. You’re the one who turns it into information to power your business decision-making. By learning how to use it to get the data you need, you can power your decisions more easily than ever before.

Emphasize Long-Term Planning

HR has often been a department that focuses on the here and now. You may be involved in any number of day-to-day tasks. It can sometimes feel like you’re playing “catch up” as new laws come into effect or you try to correct problems.

It’s actually more efficient and effective to work on long-term planning. If you plan effectively, then you’ll be far ahead when those changes come into effect or when you need to cover a maternity leave.

Putting the emphasis on long-term planning shifts HR’s focus from the here and now into the future. As you plan for the future, you’ll find you’re better prepared to handle the things that crop up today.

Create a Strategy

Perhaps the most obvious step in becoming a strategic HR superstar is to actually create a strategic plan for the department. Whether you’re the manager and can implement a strategy for the department or you need to settle for strategizing your own work, planning will help you get where you want to go.

Making HR more strategic is necessary in today’s business environment. With these tips in hand, you can get there sooner.


Kaneez Jaffer

Kaneez is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) with an advanced knowledge of human resources and organizational structure and design. She has extensive experience with HRIS systems and understands the need to move HR from a transactional model to a transformational one. She has worked in the investment banking, insurance, and legal industries, as well as with large not-for-profit centres helping to simplify and streamline their internal systems. Kaneez is an expert in building relationships and affecting change in a positive and productive way. She acts as the key HR business partner at Apri Insurance Services Inc, managing the implementation of JungoHR, while providing expert advice and counsel on a range of HR matters. Kaneez holds a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management as well as a Certificate in HR Law for HR Professionals from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Canada.

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