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Learn the Latest Leave Management Best Practices

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Learn_the_Latest_Leave_Management_Best_PracticesThe HR department is responsible for a wide range of tasks. Whether you’re the HR manager or the CEO, you know just how much HR does for you and your employees.

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Leave management is just one of the different tasks HR coordinates. As with almost any task, your team should always be looking for ways to overcome challenges and improve their processes. Learning to manage employee leave more effectively benefits everyone.

If you’re wondering how to improve your process, take a look at the latest in best practices for managing leave.

Consolidate Benefits

Perhaps the most interesting trend in leave management right now is the push for consolidating leave benefits with other HR tasks. In the past, leaves were often managed separately from other core HR tasks, including the management of other benefits.

Things are changing, especially with the advent of mature software solutions and human resource information systems (HRISs). These solutions plug directly into your existing human capital management infrastructure. Your HR team can now coordinate benefits and leave, and so much more.

The trend toward consolidation makes perfect sense. It streamlines processes and makes it simple to manage leaves more effectively. You can even begin to automate some tasks surrounding the management of leaves. If you haven’t started consolidating yet, you’ll want to begin asap.

Supporting Return to Work

As employee leaves and legislation around them continue to expand, you may have an increasing number of employees contemplating leaves, going on leave, and returning from leaves at any given time. Ontario just introduced new and expanded employee leaves, and there’s arumour other provinces are going to follow suit. Care giving, parental leaves, and more are on the minds of many.

While most people focus on preparing for an employee’s leave and managing it while they’re away, less emphasis has been placed on supporting employees returning to work. With more employees going on leave, however, more adequate supports for return will be needed.

Employees who are returning from leaves may feel disoriented or left behind. While you may not realize it, things are changing at a rapid pace in your business. Some employees may leave and new ones will be hired. Even the introduction of a new app or system can make a returning employee feel confused.

Providing them with adequate return-to-work resources is now considered best practice in leave management. Take a look at how you support your employees and ponder how you could make their return to work even smoother.

Compliance Monitoring

Ontario’s new rules about employee leaves point to the fact that you need to keep an eye on the legislative framework surrounding leave. While you may have already known compliance was important, you might have also taken a somewhat lackadaisical approach.

With the availability and capabilities of HRIS technology improving, however, more companies are better able to manage their leave compliance. Be sure to review your policies and your processes for monitoring compliance. It’s an important part of good leave management in any business.

Mobilization Policies

The so-called consumerization of benefits and leaves has many employees using self-service portals and accessing information on their mobile devices. While this is great, it also comes with its own challenges.

Be sure to ask your employees how they use these self-service portals and survey them about how they’d like to use them. Also review your policies around mobile use and access. Your employees can help you better manage leave, but only if you give them the guidelines to help them stay safe and use technology correctly.

Leave management is improving by leaps and bounds, as these trends in best practices demonstrate. Review your own practices today, and discover how you can get better leave management in your company.

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James Lang

James Lang

Motivated by challenges, change, and a supportive team environment, James has become a highly adaptable team player who is experienced in troubleshooting client services, training design and facilitation, and workforce management. As a result-oriented individual, he has gained a great reputation for consistently meeting targets, delivering quality work, and completing time-sensitive projects. Starting his career as a Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator with the Toronto Pan/Parapan Am Games Organizing committee, he co-developed a successful project aimed at increasing volunteer retention. Now joining the JungoHR implementation team, he will focus on streamlining client onboarding ensuring client satisfaction. With James’s professional background in Human Resource Management, blended with his passion for technology, he aims to further develop his technical experience in HRIS and ATS systems. He believes that perseverance and a positive attitude have made him who he is, and he will carry these core qualities throughout his future career and experiences.

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