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Transform_the_Way_You_Spend_85_of_Your_Time_with_Powerful_HR_TechnologyMuch business talk centres around ideas of increasing efficiency and streamlining processes to boost productivity. This effort affects every department and business unit, from IT to accounting. Business managers and those in the C-Suite are constantly looking for ways to improve.

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Many managers also seek ways to improve operational efficiency in their own departments and among their teams. Even individual employees may seek ways to become more efficient to move through their workloads in more streamlined ways.

Most people ask, “Isn’t there a better way?” when it comes to any given task in their job descriptions. With ongoing technological change, the answer is often yes.

The Traditional HR Department

The HR department is often characterized as being somewhat traditional. Many of the tasks associated with it include administrative aspects, such as filling in and filing forms, communicating with employees, or monitoring compliance with internal policies or external legislation.

Given HR’s focus on the “human” aspects of a business, it may not seem like a good candidate for the adoption of technology. Yet, many of the tasks HR professionals engage in are time-consuming and even repetitive. Your HR staff and even you may have asked if there’s not a better way.

Technology in the HR Department

Technology is revolutionizing almost every aspect of businesses today. While you may think of technology as the sole domain of the IT department, the truth is it’s being adopted into and employed in virtually every business division.

HR is a good example. Instead of recording data manually on paper, many companies have already switched to using technological solutions such as Excel spreadsheets. These low-tech solutions have their shortcomings, however, which many HR professionals and tech companies alike have realized.

The result has been the emergence of specialized HR technology, designed to serve your needs in the HR department.

Transforming How You Work

The average HR employee spends the majority of their time involved in routine tasks. This can include things such as collecting and entering data from forms, communicating with employees, monitoring compliance, inputting data for payroll, and administering benefits.

Isn’t there an easier way? With HR technology, there is. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being incorporated into the most powerful systems. The result is HR technology that can assist you in completing any number of tasks.

For example, the system, when configured with your internal policy rules, can monitor your application of those rules. If someone tries to schedule a leave or a shift that violates internal policy, for example, the system can flag it for review. There’s no need to review every single entry. It can also transfer data from one program to another, reducing the amount of data entry you do, and thereby reducing the number of errors in the system.

What’s Left?

In the traditional HR landscape, HR employees spend very little of their time on what truly matters; they spend their time engaged with rote tasks and administration. This is “busywork,” which often doesn’t require the skills and talent of your HR team to complete.

With HR technology in place, this kind of busywork can be handled by AI and other technological solutions. In turn, your HR staff can turn their attention and energy to tasks that truly need a human touch. This can include reviewing leave policies or onboarding practices to see where they could be improved. When administrative tasks are removed, HR has the time to become a strategic partner in the business.

If you’ve ever looked at your “to-do” list in the HR department and asked if there wasn’t an easier way to do things, you can rest assured there is. HR technology is transforming the way HR professionals like you spend their time.


David Mitchell

David Mitchell

David is the president of Wellknit Services. With almost 40 years of experience working in employee benefits, he has seen and initiated many changes in the industry. David has worked as a consultant with two of Canada’s national consulting firms, completing assignments in group benefits, pension, employee communications, and compensation work in pay equity. He was an intrapreneur with Canada’s first pharmacy benefits manager company and has been an entrepreneur for the past 12 years, starting and growing one of Canada’s first defined contribution third-party administrators (TPA) organizations. Outside of work, David enjoys hiking and doing triathlons (even if he finishes last). His belief that behavioural economics will become part of the benefits and compensation lexicon keeps him motivated each day.

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