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Hiring is likely to start bouncing back later this year, but many positions will remain remote. Interviewing and onboarding is also likely to stay virtual. After all, you may not want to invite several new hires to the office or into a group setting for orientation.

Technology has made it possible for many of your employees to do their jobs from home. Whether an employee is joining a remote team or your office is closed, using an HRIS can make the process of virtual employee onboarding much simpler.

Onboarding Technology for the Modern Office

With the switch to remote work, many business owners have realized a lot of their processes can be digitized. That means there’s no need to print out a paper copy, scan it, or even mail it.

Even legal documents can be signed using secure e-signature technology. That means you could send your new hires documents to sign without the need of a printer or paper. This is great news for those managing remote teams or people who may not have access to printers and scanners outside the office.

In essence, the modern office is all virtual. There’s no reason why the onboarding process shouldn’t go virtual as well.

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Training and Documents

In the past, your new team members wouldn’t just receive hard copies of their employee training manuals or their policy agreements. You’d probably schedule a day to sit with them, go over all the documents, and gather all the needed signatures.

You might even schedule training as well. Employees may require information about WHMIS training or health and occupational safety precautions. People might have needed to learn certain software or even about in-store theft and ways to reduce it. For any of these topics, you may have had to book a presenter or teacher to lead a class.

With the HRIS, you can create your own virtual training materials and store them within the system. If there’s a series of training videos someone must watch, then they can simply access them through the HRIS. They could start whenever it’s convenient for them. There’s no need to wait for anyone else to be available.

The HRIS can also provide a checklist and track the new hire’s progress through these tasks. In that way, it can help you monitor which training modules they’ve completed or which documents you still need completed.

What’s more is that employees can reference these documents any time, even after training. It provides an easy-to-use reference center. It’s a lot faster to look things up in the HRIS library than it is to go digging for paper copies.

Going Paperless

The paperless approach offered by the HRIS isn’t just environmentally friendly either. It also saves you and your team in other ways.

There’s no need to worry about running out of copies or employees accidentally losing them. Documents can be updated quickly and easily, with no need to print off new copies and distribute them. Making sure everyone is up to date is a lot easier, since the HRIS can track who has read updated versions.

It’s also easier to see when you may require updated signatures. Going paperless also means you don’t have to worry nearly as much about physical storage space for documents.

What’s more is that documents could be even more secure within the HRIS. Automation can help you know exactly how long to keep documents on file as well.

Is It Time for an HRIS?

If you’re thinking about virtual hiring and onboarding, then you’ll want to simplify it by investing in the right tools. The HRIS is a great choice to add to your toolkit. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it also provides a secure, streamlined way to get everyone on board in the most efficient way possible.

Ready to discover how an HRIS could revolutionize your business? Get in touch with our team and book a demo now!


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