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What_Employers_Should_Know_about_Workplace_Flu_Vaccination_Clinics.jpgThe flu is a highly contagious and common viral infection. Every year, up to 10 percent of people in Canada are affected by the flu, according to the Canadian Red Cross. For generally healthy people, the flu may just be an inconvenience. They may need to stay home from work for a few days until they’re feeling better. For others, the flu can be very serious. In fact, the flu is one of the top 10 causes of death in Canada. Every year, approximately 3,500 people in Canada die from this illness, according to the Government of Canada.

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To help employees stay healthy, some employers are now offering workplace flu vaccination clinics. Here’s what you need to know about these clinics.

How Workplace Flu Vaccination Clinics Work

When employers offer workplace flu vaccination clinics, employees can receive their flu shots during the workday. Typically, a private area of the office will be set up for the clinic. A registered nurse will administer the shots.

For efficiency, you can have employees pre-register for the times they’d like to receive their shots. Instead of waiting in line, employees can continue working right until it’s time for their vaccinations. After they receive their shots, they can head right back to their desks.

Flu Vaccination Clinics Benefit Employees

By providing flu shots in the workplace, you’ll make it easier for your employees to get vaccinated. They won’t need to miss work to see their family doctors or to wait in line at a walk-in clinic.

Instead, they can quickly get the vaccination during their regular workday, with no time off required. Employees who tend to forget to get the flu shot may remember to get vaccinated due to your convenient clinic.

By receiving the flu shot, employees can reduce their risk of getting sick. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), getting the flu shot reduces the risk of contracting the flu by between 40 and 60 percent overall. The effectiveness can vary widely from one season to another. Being less likely to fall ill is a major benefit for employees. When employees don’t get the flu, they can feel better and stay healthier.

Your Business Will Benefit, Too

While the flu can be serious for individual people, it can be serious for businesses, too. When employees are sick with the flu, they should be at home resting. Employees who come to work while they’re ill won’t perform well, and they could infect their coworkers. Employees who stay home and rest won’t be productive until they return. By providing easy access to flu shots to your employees, you can help avoid these problems.

When fewer employees get sick during the flu season, your company can remain more productive.

Providing flu shots also helps employees feel valued. Not every company offers flu shot clinics to its employees. By providing a flu shot clinic, you’ll help your company stand out from the competition and strengthen your business. Employees will know they’re receiving a unique benefit from your company and that you care about their health.

How to Get Started

It’s easy to add a workplace flu vaccination clinic to your selection of wellness programs. To get started, you just need to contact your area’s appropriate health care agency. Appropriate agencies are qualified to administer the flu vaccine. Travel vaccination clinics in your area may also be able to run your flu shot clinic.

Once you’ve arranged the clinic, communicate the details to your employees. Use a variety of methods, like emails, posters and in-person meetings to advertise the clinic. During the clinic, you can set a good example for your employees and get your own vaccination.

The flu can be a serious illness, but you can help protect your employees with a workplace flu vaccination clinic. Set up your clinic today, and you can enjoy a healthier flu season at your workplace.


Cathy Seto

Cathy Seto

Cathy Seto is the assistant vice president of GroupQuest Benefits Resources Inc. She has dedicated a lifetime in group benefits administration as well as sales. She is relationship strong, passionate about high level of service, and well respected in the industry. Cathy is also a chauffeur, cheerleader, controller, counsellor… the list goes on. The shortest version? She is a Mom. When it isn’t about her brilliant kids, it’s all about learning, growth, giving back, fitness, and boating. Oh yes… boating floats her boat.

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