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What Expertise Should Your HRIS Provider Have in Creating Value for the Organization?

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What_Expertise_Should_Your_HRIS_Provider_Have_in_Creating_Value_for_the_OrganizationSoftware as a service (SaaS) has become a popular way for businesses to get both the software they need and the support they need to use it. In the past, company software was purchased and installed on the organization’s computers. Afterwards, if there was trouble, you’d either need to call in IT or call the software provider’s help desk for support.

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SaaS still ensures you can get the help you need, but it has expanded the support paradigm. The software provider now looks to patch security flaws, fix bugs, and keep the software up to date, without you needing to do anything. If your team needs to ask a question or do some troubleshooting, the provider will be there to help.

This popular model has spread into the HR department as well, with many software providers offering many different kinds of software for HR teams. However, some companies go a step above—they’re more than just technology companies. They provide HR expertise and consulting as well. To get the most out of your HRIS, this is the type of provider you should be partnered with.

The human resource information system (HRIS) is one of the most popular and important options for any business today. When you sign up to get an HRIS, you’ll also partner with the provider’s team. Their expertise can create additional value for your business. What should you look for? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Implementation Support

Implementing a new piece of software or technology is almost always challenging. You’ll need to configure the software to meet your needs, educate your staff about it, and then roll it out. After the rollout, you need to provide support as your employees learn how to use it more effectively.

Your HRIS provider has helped all their clients implement their new system. By this point, they should be experts at helping companies roll out and implement this new piece of technology.

Ask potential providers about the support they provide during implementation. Will they help you design a custom implementation plan? Ask to see case studies about other projects they’ve assisted on.

Ongoing Training

The provider should be able to provide initial training for your team. They should be the ones with the most expert knowledge of the program itself, so they can teach you how to use it.

Ongoing training should be another offering from your HRIS provider that will allow you to tap into their expertise. You may invest in other modules in the future, requiring additional training. Ongoing support and training can help you manage these changes.


Your staff may take some time to become fully acquainted with your new HRIS. They may also bump into problems after an update or upgrade. In these cases, they should be able to call on the expertise of the provider.

Troubleshooting, along with ongoing training and implementation support, is designed to help your staff learn how to use the program in the most effective way possible. This adds values to your business as you can realize more of the advantages the system can provide.

Strategic Advice

This is where you’ll see the difference between a valuable HRIS partner provider and a technology company. Your HRIS provider should be able to assist you in creating value for the business in another way. They should be able to offer you some strategic HR advice, such as helping you choose a more valuable benefits program. They should be able to help you analyze the services you truly need to become a more strategic partner for the organization.

Your provider should be an expert in all things HRIS and HR, and they should be able to support you during every step of the journey to implementing a new system to better meet your needs.

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Kaneez Jaffer

Kaneez Jaffer

Kaneez is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) with an advanced knowledge of human resources and organizational structure and design. She has extensive experience with HRIS systems and understands the need to move HR from a transactional model to a transformational one. She has worked in the investment banking, insurance, and legal industries, as well as with large not-for-profit centres helping to simplify and streamline their internal systems. Kaneez is an expert in building relationships and affecting change in a positive and productive way. She acts as the key HR business partner at Apri Insurance Services Inc, managing the implementation of JungoHR, while providing expert advice and counsel on a range of HR matters. Kaneez holds a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management as well as a Certificate in HR Law for HR Professionals from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Canada.

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