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The last year or so has been a lot of back and forth. You may have had to close your business, reduce hours and offerings, or move to remote work last spring. As the year progressed, you might have cautiously looked at getting back up to speed, opening your doors with a limited menu of services or products, limited hours, and even limited staff. Then, as winter approached, you might have been forced to close down again. Some business owners didn’t even get a chance to open their doors again.

You’re probably pondering when the best time is to start thinking about reopening plans again. Yet, with numbers as high as they are, should you even be thinking about this subject right now?

The answer is yes. Here’s why right now, in the middle of lockdown, is the perfect time to start rethinking about reopening your business.

You Need to Be Prepared

You might not feel right now is a good time to start rethinking about reopening your business. After all, it feels like the reopening stage is a long while off. You may also be cautious about reopening plans, because you saw what happened last time around. Are you sure you want to put your time and effort into a plan when rules and laws are changing on an almost daily basis?

You might even be focused on the day-to-day right now, trying to keep the business afloat.

Yet right now is the best time to start planning your business’s reopening. The lift on lockdowns could come sooner than you think, and you could lose precious time if you have to spend even another week closed because you still have to get plans in place.

Reopening Is Assured

So, how can you manage the tension between reopening maybe being months away yet and kicking reopening plans into gear now?

The first step is to imagine that reopening will occur by the fall. Vaccination programs are already underway, and lockdowns could help to bring caseloads back under control by mid-year.

It may also happen earlier, along the same timelines as last year. You can look at the rules that were in place then to give yourself guidelines for what was allowed to reopen, when, and what the rules were around safety.

That will be your next step: thinking about workplace health and safety. Look at the current framework, and ask yourself how you can go above and beyond. Could you replace the ventilation system in your building now, while everyone’s working from home? Doing so could help you reopen sooner, while also making the workplace a safer place to be.

Also consider protocols around masks, social distancing, handwashing, and more. If you can go beyond the basics to create a framework that addresses every recommendation, you’ll be ahead of the game—even if policies and rules change in the meantime.

Get Everyone Ready

Your final task here is to get everyone ready. Think of this as a business relaunch. Maybe lockdown has made you rethink certain aspects of your business. Reopening will be a chance to showcase what’s new and better about your business.

Get your team ready by developing new handbooks and training them on new protocols or service offerings. Ask them to help prepare reopening campaigns, and get ready for Your Business 2.0.

This is also an opportunity invest in upgrades and new technology. It’s also a good time to hire new team members and get them trained. You may even want to rethink your benefits package and other options.

In short, it’s a great time to reinvent almost everything about your business. If you’re thinking about new technology, then get in touch with us! We can help you discover what you need to reopen successfully.

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