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Where Can I Get HR Leader Certification and Training?

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Where_Can_I_Get_HR_Leader_Certification_and_TrainingIf you want to continue growing in your career as an HR professional, one of the best steps you can take is to continue your training. You may even want to consider becoming certified. While there are many different certifications you can take, such as becoming certified in payroll, management, or compliance, you may be most interested in HR leadership certification and training.

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These certificates are designed to help you become the HR leader you’ve always wanted to be. In the process, you’ll take concrete steps towards expanding your knowledge and skills and furthering your career.

What Is an HR Leader?

Before you sign up for a training or certificate program, it’s important to know what the designation requires from you. There are very few Canadian opportunities for certification specifically in HR leadership. Some institutes in the US offer more specific training.

What does an HR leader do, in particular? It’s an up-and-coming job description, although there is some overlap with the more common title “HR manager.” As a result, you may want to start with a certification in HR management, such as the course offered by York University in Ontario or at other post-secondary institutions around the country.

An HR leader, however, is slightly different from an HR manager. As an HR leader, you may be responsible for advancing business growth and executing strategic plans to meet HR objectives.

Where Can You Find Training?

As mentioned, you can find HR management certificates at many respected post-secondary institutions across the country. If you’re looking for other certificates, including HR leadership, you’ll find your choices narrow a fair bit.

Two of the best options for Canadian HR professionals looking for certification of any kind are the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) and the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA).


The Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) is the association for chartered human resources professionals in the province of Ontario. It boasts more than 23,000 members across the province. It offers exams and preparation, as well as online academic programs and courses.

It issues certificates for three HR designations, the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP), the Certified Human Resources Executive (CHRE), and the Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL). If you’re an HR professional in Ontario, the HRPA is where you’ll want to go to become a certified HR leader.

Becoming a CHRL requires you to take part in courses, followed by exams, including a law exam.


The CPHR operates chapters all across Canada, in all provinces and territories, except Ontario. Established in 1994, it bills itself as the national voice of HR in Canada. It represents HR professionals across the country.

It also provides the National Knowledge Exam, which tests your knowledge as an HR professional. You must write it in order to achieve the CPHR designation anywhere in Canada. CPHR designations are granted by provincial bodies.

The CPHR also maintains a list of accredited institutions with programs in HR, including aspects of HR leadership. Graduates of these programs can sometimes waive the need to write the National Knowledge Exam.

What Is the Value of Certification?

Certification confers on you the rights and responsibilities of the designation. It tells other people you work with that you’ve undergone rigorous training and testing to achieve the certificate. The CPHR also includes a requirement to stay up to date and maintain your certification. This assures your colleagues you’re always up to date on the latest legal requirements and best practices.

If you want to take your HR career to the next level, consider becoming a certified HR leader.


Michael Noronha

Michael Noronha

Michael Noronha is a client success associate with the JungoHR team. With three years of experience in human resources and four years of experience in customer service, Michael has an array of expertise in various areas of the HR field. His industry knowledge spans from retail, beverage and food, air cargo, IT consulting, benefits insurance, and financial services. A certified human resources professional with a Human Resources Management Certificate from Sheridan College, and an Hons. BA from the University of Toronto, Michael's aim is always "continuous improvement." He strives to enhance the human aspect of human resources through all stakeholder interactions. Michael also has a love for sports and is an avid food blogger in his spare time.

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