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Who Benefits from Great Employee Onboarding?

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Onboarding has become central to the ongoing discussion about human resources in the 21st-century workplace. As the expectations of workers have changed and evolved over the years, HR professionals have been giving more thought to how businesses interact with job seekers, candidates, and their new hires.

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The conclusion that the candidate experience begins influencing their opinion of your business immediately. If you want people to see you as a great employer, you have to begin cultivating that employer brand image from the first interaction with a job seeker.

Once the hiring process is complete, however, you’ll want to turn your attention to the onboarding process. Onboarding brings people into the fold, training them not only on how to do their job, but also teaching them about the corporate culture and expectations for their time with the company.

HR professionals have realized the onboarding process is an important contact point, and many are taking strides to improve their onboarding practices. Just who benefits from great employee onboarding though?

How Onboarding Influences the New Hire

The most obvious beneficiary of a great employee onboarding process is the new hire. Good onboarding provides solid training, which allows them to learn the ropes quickly. In turn, the employee soon becomes a productive part of the workplace.

Great onboarding also helps the employee adjust to the company culture. It cements the employee’s opinion of you as a good or great employer. It can motivate and encourage your new hire to give their all, and it might convince them to stay with the company longer.

Great Onboarding Benefits the Employer

Another beneficiary of a good onboarding process is the employer.

Good training allows your employees to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. It can increase productivity and engagement. In turn, you can realize higher revenues. It can also convince employees to stay with the company longer, thus lowering turnover and the associated costs.

Onboarding is about more than training, of course, so a good process also involves teaching the employee about the corporate culture and more. In turn, you’ll have motivated and culturally aligned employees who understand what the company is about.

Onboarding Benefits Other Employees

You may not have thought about how a great onboarding process affects the other employees in your office. They stand to benefit from your onboarding process as well.

A great onboarding process provides mentorship opportunities. Longstanding employees can take the new hire under their wing and help them adjust to both their new role and the new company.

This also provides opportunities for team-building. Even if everyone just says “hello” to the new hire, you’re already encouraging your office to be a friendlier, more interactive place.

Finally, good onboarding helps new hires get up to speed sooner. They can then help their co-workers achieve more. By working together, employees can improve their engagement and their productivity.

Your Clients Also Stand to Gain

Your clients also gain a lot when you have a great onboarding process. For one thing, they’ll get better service sooner from well-trained and competent employees.

New hires who have a positive onboarding experience are also more likely to stay with you longer. This, in turn, allows your clients to build relationships with your employees.

The benefits your business realizes are also passed along to your clients. Higher productivity means more orders filled or more services delivered on time. An emphasis on company values ensures your customers are happy when they interact with your team.

In short, everyone you work with stands to gain from a great employee onboarding process. Isn’t it time you took your onboarding efforts from good to great?

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Kaneez Jaffer

Kaneez Jaffer

Kaneez is a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) with an advanced knowledge of human resources and organizational structure and design. She has extensive experience with HRIS systems and understands the need to move HR from a transactional model to a transformational one. She has worked in the investment banking, insurance, and legal industries, as well as with large not-for-profit centres helping to simplify and streamline their internal systems. Kaneez is an expert in building relationships and affecting change in a positive and productive way. She acts as the key HR business partner at Apri Insurance Services Inc, managing the implementation of JungoHR, while providing expert advice and counsel on a range of HR matters. Kaneez holds a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management as well as a Certificate in HR Law for HR Professionals from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Canada.

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