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Why Employees Love Self-Service HRIS

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Why-Employees-Love-Self-Service-HRIS-compressorYou know all about the benefits of a human resource information system (HRIS) for your business. Your HR employees are excited and enthusiastic about adopting this new technology. They’re well-aware of all the ways it can help them become more efficient at their jobs.

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What about your other employees? Do they have any reason to think an HRIS will benefit them? Some may not believe the new system provides any advantage for them. One of the most popular functions of any HRIS, however, is an employee self-service function. This provides a huge advantage for most of your employees, even those who work outside HR. 

Why do employees love self-service? There are numerous reasons.

It Empowers Them

One of the reasons employees love self-service is that it empowers them. They don’t have to write to HR and ask how many vacation days they have left. Instead, they can login through the self-service portal, review their remaining vacation days, and even submit a vacation request.

They can also determine whether or not they even want to take their vacation. Maybe they decide to save it up instead. This allows the employee to make a decision must faster. In addition, it also reduces the burden on your HR staff.

Employees become their own managers with a self-service HRIS, which empowers them to make better decisions.

It Saves Them Time

One of the commonly communicated advantages of any HRIS is the fact that it can save your HR team time. A reduction in paperwork, an increase in automated tasks, and much more will help your HR team save time and get back to the strategic work that truly matters.

The human resource information system can also help your other employees save time. They no longer need to email HR to change their information or ask about their benefits. They can look it up themselves, a task that takes a couple of minutes at best.

If they need a form or another document, they can often obtain it from the system within minutes. Submitting information to HR also becomes more streamlined, which can reduce the amount of time it takes to do things like submit vacation requests, log hours worked, or even enroll in new benefits.

They Can Access Materials

More employees than ever before are working remotely. An employee may be staying in Vancouver overnight for a conference. Another may travel to Toronto or Montreal for a week of training.

While they’re away, they may need to access HR documents, such as travel expense reports or the company’s travel policy. They may want to know if the purchase of alcohol with a meal will be reimbursed. What if they buy dinner for a client? Employees who travel to different job sites may want to look up safety information before they begin a new task.

Your employees may need to access HR documents closer to your home office as well. What’s HR’s policy on the use of the internet and company email? What qualifies as harassment? An employee may want to review whether certain expenses are covered under the benefits plan.

A self-service HRIS option can help your employees do all this faster than ever before. These HR documents and many more will be available to them. They can get access from anywhere, any time. If an employee has a burning question, they can get the information they need quickly and be sure they’re always acting within company policy guidelines.

Employees love self-service HRIS. If your current HRIS doesn’t offer this feature, it may be time to consider one that does so everyone can benefit from this powerful HR technology.

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Michael Noronha

Michael Noronha

Michael Noronha is a client success associate with the JungoHR team. With three years of experience in human resources and four years of experience in customer service, Michael has an array of expertise in various areas of the HR field. His industry knowledge spans from retail, beverage and food, air cargo, IT consulting, benefits insurance, and financial services. A certified human resources professional with a Human Resources Management Certificate from Sheridan College, and an Hons. BA from the University of Toronto, Michael's aim is always "continuous improvement." He strives to enhance the human aspect of human resources through all stakeholder interactions. Michael also has a love for sports and is an avid food blogger in his spare time.

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