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Plenty of business leaders have turned to technology to help them get a business edge in finance, payroll or simply day to day tasks. You may have needed to adopt new communication software or move all your events online given the current climate.

You might have thought less about the technology you’re using in the HR department. After all, you’ve had to put a freeze on hiring and training workshops in some cases. Yet you’ve also noticed just how much assistance your HR team needs. While your employees can do their jobs from home, some new technological tools might help.

It could be time to adopt a human resources information system, or HRIS. Here’s why.

Keep Information at Your Fingertips

One of the challenges your team may have faced in recent months was a lack of information. Your policy and procedure documents might all have been at the office, and nobody had access to them. Maybe you could get to them, but answers were slow because it would take a few days for someone to check the documents.

If there were any updates, you may have had trouble communicating them to the team. If you needed anyone to finish an annual review of policies or sign off on their onboarding materials, you might have had difficulty keeping track of all the documents.

You might think this will be resolved as you head back to the office, but it’s actually a sign you need a new system. An HRIS could help you. It can provide the tools you require to make access to policy documents available 24/7. It also helps you keep track of HR tasks, like who needs to update their health and safety training or who still has outstanding forms.

Build a Better Onboarding Process

You’re likely going to be thinking about hiring soon, if you’re not already. You may have to replace team members who moved on to other opportunities, or you may need extra hands on deck as orders come pouring in. Whatever the case, you’ll have to tackle recruiting, hiring, and onboarding.

An HRIS helps here too. It offers you a better way to keep track of applicant information, which can streamline your recruiting activities. More than that, it offers you a way to create a better onboarding process for your business.

When you start to hire again, you’ll want to be sure the onboarding you offer can be offered anywhere. Whether it’s remote or in the office, you want your new team members to have similar experiences with onboarding. An HRIS can provide assistance in outlining the process and keeping better track of it, while making sure you can deliver every document and schedule every meeting.

Offering Better Benefits with an HRIS

You might not know how a human resources information system could help you deliver better benefits, but there are a few ways.

First, an HRIS can help you keep better records of benefits administration. When it’s easier to submit claims and faster to be reimbursed, your team members will be more likely to use their benefits. An HRIS could assist you in communicating more effectively about what benefits are available, which makes your team more likely to use them.

An HRIS offers more tools to your team, so they can manage their own benefits, keep track of their health, and so much more.

Finally, anHRIS may be able to monitor benefits usage, which can help you determine what benefits to offer. You might even be able to streamline communication with your team about the benefits they want to see.

The Human Resources Information System Builds a Better Tomorrow

Maybe the best reason to consider adopting a human resources information system now is because it’s designed to help you build toward a better tomorrow for your business. Whether it’s better onboarding or driving company culture forward, an HRIS can help you get to your destination.

Jordan Rinaldo

Jordan is the AVP of Marketing and Digital Strategy at Apri Group of Companies. A professional digital marketer and digital strategist who is passionate about helping businesses grow through targeted and innovative digital marketing campaigns, content creation, SEO, and lead generation. Over the past 10 years, he has used his experience and expertise in eCommerce & technology, outbound sales, account management, inbound & outbound marketing, and team leadership to excel as a high-performing marketing leader. A proud graduate of St. Francis Xavier University, Jordan has a BA in political science with a minor in economics and history. He’s an avid sports fan, music enthusiast, and cinephile.

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