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Leave Management

Leave Management








Gain Control with a Complete Business Framework

CoreHR consolidates all your employee information into one secure, searchable HR platform. No more spreadsheets, emails, sticky notes, and disorganized filing cabinets—Core HR is your complete digital library where all employee records are kept.


Use unlimited and effective dated historical information to identify overall trends, opportunities, and challenges across your organization.

Real-time reports and analysis give insight into your business units, teams, and projects. Get instant access to the information you’re looking for with powerful filtering tools.

Reduce risk by storing comprehensive auditable personnel information. Stay compliant by enforcing business policies with configurable rules and internal controls.

Get real-time access to employee data with job descriptions, requirements, and evaluation details. Track wages and salaries, emergency contacts, and more.

Define management hierarchies, assign tasks, and connect individuals and groups to keep everyone on the same page.

Your comprehensive employee profiles can include demographics, employment details, hiring agreements, life events, work assignments, and job history.

Easily manage multiple personnel types such as employees, co-op students, contractors, volunteers, and retirees.

Automated employment and work events let managers and HR professionals quickly adjust and initiate employment statuses, work assignments, and compensation.

Create a searchable personnel directory that displays basic information for all company employees.

Effortlessly synchronize your calendar with G-Suite and Microsoft Office platforms.

Encourage inter-departmental communication by involving employees in different discussions, topics and questions. As more engagement occurs and more discussions take place, a company knowledge base will develop that employees can refer to for help, confirmation and learning.

Promote thoughtful employee engagement using a modern, powerful internal inbox.

Get your team in sync. Effortlessly manage multiple companies, offices and branches while easily defining departments and management roles at the same time.

Customize notifications according to your company’s needs. Set recurring reminders to ensure tasks—commitments, memos, and documents are organized and manageable.

Manage current, past and future projects in one place. Involve your whole team while deftly tracking progress.

Archive company news, & announcements. Add new announcements and quickly share them company-wide. In one click you can share updates, news and information on each employee’s dashboard as a simple pop-up. Or, opt-in and have updates sent directly to employee emails.

Store and keep track of all organization policies and manuals for easy and quick reference by employees and management. Policies and manuals can be divided among different categories. Policies can be defined as organization-wide, or as department-specific. You choose who can see which manual.

Organization Policies (1)

Manage and define settings that affect your HR System. Includes restricted access for administrative use only.

Easily keep track of all staff activities. Record actions performed by employees, monitor usernames and IP addresses and follow-up on activities using date and time stamps stored in monthly, separate log files.

Access employee information through a quick search. Dashboard filters allow users to display information segmented by company, station, department, or employee type. Information, such as newest employee, upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, and employee growth are some of the filters available for use.

Employee Dashboard (1)

Easily manage existing employees using a fully-functional module that enables you to add, update, or remove employees, or track and store employee documents.

Employee Dashboard (1)

Recognize any employee for their outstanding performance at the click of a button. Record and keep track of all employee achievements—use these records to evaluate employee performance quarterly, bi-annually or at year-end.

Track and manage all secure contracts for easy reference later. Quickly renew contracts by managing their end or start date directly within the module.

Help managers handle all tasks assigned team members. Keep record of each job assigned to any employee, and receive notification to follow up on incomplete tasks. Managers can send regular reminders to employees about approaching deadlines, upcoming projects, and projects coming to an end.

Bonus Feature: Assignment Documents—each assignment added to the system has its own documents folder where important files related to the assignment can be stored.

Easily transfer any employee from one department to another or between work stations.

Allow employees the flexibility to submit their resignations online. Resignation requests can be initiated by the employee—or by a manager—to the HR department, who can then approve or reject the resignation request.

Have employees generate travel requests when travelling for business. Requests are submitted to managers who can then approve or reject them. Travel records are organized within their own folder and are easy to access.

Travel (1)-1

Motivate employees and generate loyalty by recognizing outstanding work. Promotion requests can be initiated by the employee, or by a manager and are sent to the HR department, who can then approve or reject the request.

Uphold confidentiality and anonymity through a private and secure complaints portal. Employees can easily upload concerns, including any  supporting documents. Complaints can be sent to a specific individual, individuals, or department.

Manage and privately store employee warnings. Keep track of employees and behaviours that may require disciplinary action.

Create short notes, or memos; or simply track a message. These can be shared with individual employees or your entire organization.

Smoothly manage employee termination. Termination requests are forwarded to the respective individual within the organization who will then be responsible to take necessary actions.

Engage employees, gauge morale and efficiently organize work functions and special events. When a poll is created, it is displayed on each employee’s dashboard giving the employee a chance to take part and voice their opinions.

Polls (1)

Document employee exit dates and other relevant information.

Create and upload an employee checklist that keeps track of tasks that need to be completed when an employee leaves your organization. Collect all assets, carry out exit interviews, and complete a final settlement. As HR finish each item they are checked off the list.

Manage Your Business with Ease

CoreHR is the foundation of a strong business framework. With often time-intensive tasks out of the way, your people can get back to what really matters.

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