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Core HR

JungoHR's Core HR automates tedious HR processes to reduce busywork and empower your employees.

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Gain Control over Your Information

Core HR consolidates all your employee information into one secure, searchable HR platform. No more spreadsheets, emails, sticky notes, and disorganized filing cabinets—Core HR is your complete digital library and the foundation where all employee records are kept.

Business Framework

Drive Strategic Value

Build unlimited and effective dated historical information to identify overall trends, opportunities, and challenges across your organization.

Gain Insight from Analytics and Reports

Real-time organizational charts give you insight into your business units, teams, and projects. Gain access to the exact information you’re looking for with powerful filtering tools.

Mitigate Risks and Ensure Compliance

Mitigate risks by storing comprehensive personnel information that is fully auditable. Stay compliant by enforcing business policies with configurable rules and internal controls.

Job Classifications

Track and Store Employee Data

Get real-time access to all employee data with job descriptions, requirements, and evaluation details. Track wages and salaries, emergency contacts, and more.

Keep Employees Informed

Define management hierarchies, assign tasks, and connect individuals and groups to keep everyone on the same page.

Personnel Information

Consolidate All Employee Information

Your comprehensive employee profiles can include demographics, employment details, hiring agreements, life events, work assignments, and job history.

Easily Manage Your Workforce

Manage multiple personnel types such as employees, co-op students, contractors, volunteers, and retirees.

Accelerate Staffing Processes

Automated employment and work events let you quickly adjust employment statuses, work assignments, and compensation. Allow managers to initiate these processes as needed.

Manage Your Business with Ease

Core HR Is the Foundation of a Strong Business Framework

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