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145 Wellington St W

Suite 501
Toronto ON M5J 1H8


JungoHR's Experts Help You Navigate Total Compensation

Additional benefits of our integrated and comprehensive plan solution

  • JungoHR will provide advice on what you “need” to hear in order to make informed decisions.
  • JungoHR helps you relate to your employees. We take great pride in ensuring that all aspects of total compensation take into account how owners and employees want to be taken care of in the future. We understand that future lifestyle equals security.
  • Total compensation is a direct expression of a company’s culture. JungoHR’s role is to help companies take care of their people to ensure these same people focus on the job of driving business knowing their needs are looked after.
  • National reach: JungoHR serves Canadian companies in every province.
  • JungoHR offers a higher value of service for the same money. The fee structure is simple, transparent, and easy to understand. Competitive pricing is possible because:
    • JungoHR’s industry credibility, experience, and creativity enable us to negotiate more effectively with carriers.
    • The volume of “employees” or businesses we support, combined with our trusted advisors' reputations in the industry, provides negotiating leverage.
  • We're committed to building an honest, personal relationship with your company, which enables us to build a deep, informed understanding of all your needs. We have a client service process to ensure we deliver what we promise: B.U.I.L.D.Build Understand Inform Leverage Develop (BUILD)