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One Hub. Extensive HR experience. Best-in-class experts.

At JungoHR, we truly believe that people are an organization’s greatest asset, and when they are empowered and supported, success is just around the corner. JungoHR is Canada’s first HR Hub™ designed to solve the HR pain in every organization. We strive to always be thinking ahead, to find solutions to problems not yet noticed, and to find answers to HR questions not yet asked. We pride ourselves on not only understanding the needs of today's HR professional but considering their needs 5 or 10 years in the future.


JungoHR has carefully curated a web of partnerships designed to provide the expertise needed in any HR speciality. JungoHR has an entire team of experts dedicated to our clients and are ready to help you take back your time.

Why A Highly Skilled HR Hub?

Because HR is intended to be a strategic role, but in order to focus on strategy, HR requires time for planning, policies, metric goals, engagement, insights, diversity, talent, culture and so much more. In today's technology-driven world with business competing in a global marketplace, HR requires support to ease all HR pain points, not just administrative pain. The JungoHR Hub helps HR be that responsive, proactive, strategic partner to your business.

Total compensation partner

Group benefits experts to assist HR in getting only the best outcomes for their employees.

Benefits providers

Multi-carrier connectivity for companies of all sizes to over 80 percent of the market.

Health & wellness coach

Supporting the wellness and healthy lifestyles of employees with personalized health programming.

HR, employment & labour law support

Unlimited access to HR-certified professionals and lawyers specializing in employment and labour law.

Healthcare partner

Around-the-clock healthcare support for employees and their families with on-demand consultations, prescription renewals, and specialist referrals.

People management software

The latest in HR technology, including Core HR, benefits, workforce management, payroll processing, and more.

Third-party administrator

Full-service benefits administration for fast payments and simplified renewals. Keep your rates lower through carrier connectivity.

Solving for all HR pain points. Get back time to drive your people strategy.


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