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Integrated Technology

Why Does JungoHR Use Nortek Technology?

Proven Technology

Nortek Solutions Inc. is a Canadian pioneer software development firm founded in 2000.

Global Credentials

Nortek has long-term global clients and is recognized for how it thinks outside the box.

A Comprehensive Solution

The Nortek application is an enterprise level, end-to-end, full employee lifecycle, cloud-based People Management System.


Competitive Edge

The R&D path was in motion prior to the SaaS cloud technology existing to achieve the end goal. The Nortek People Management Software was built from the ground up to avoid the technical and administrative drawbacks associated with a patchwork of integrations. Nortek’s single powerful code base enables all aspects of the JungoHR management solution to work together seamlessly.

A Single Code Base, User Interface, Database, and Document Repository

The Nortek solution was built from the ground up with a single code base, user interface, database, and fully searchable document repository that have been tied together to appear as if they are a single application.

Built for the Cloud

The Nortek application was designed and built for the cloud. It was not “ported” to the cloud like many other applications, which may experience technical issues and limitations.

Flexible, Scalable, and Adaptable

The JungoHR technology platform is immensely flexible and can adapt and scale to meet the needs of almost any organization vs. an organization having to adapt to the software.

JungoHR can scale to suit organizations of any size from 20 to 50,000 employees.


Configuration, Not Customization

The Jungo technology platform is “configured” within the application itself with no programming skills or code development required and all configurations are safely retained through product releases.

This avoids expensive developer time to customize the application only to be left behind with new product releases.

Google-Like Search

Jungo offers advanced, multi-level Google-like searching across data. Jungo data searches can be fine-tuned and filtered by layering multiple criteria together so you can work with the exact results you want.

Jungo search engine finds results in “proximity” (e.g., searching for “Jon” will find Jon, John, and Johnston) vs. competitive applications that need to be exact to find data.

Workflows and Automation

Jungo comes standard with numerous highly configurable workflows to manage your onboarding process, leave approvals, benefits enrolments, and more.

Jungo enables you to automate the implementation of recurring processes and corporate policies, which will reduce administrative overhead dramatically, thereby saving you money.

Device Independence

The Jungo technology platform is accessible from any internet-enabled device with a modern browser (PC, tablet, phone, and more).

Unlike competitors, there is no need for platform-specific apps, and more importantly, the full feature set of the Jungo technology platform is available using a single common user interface across all devices.