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JungoHR Hub is one brand and community of experts that all JungoHR clients have access to. Each tool is priced to provide access based on organizational needs.


JungoHR HRIS Pricing


Forget the per month/per employee pricing model. Unlike other HR platforms on the market, with a fully insured benefits plan, your organization can access JungoHR at no additional cost.

What's Included?



The Apri Group of Companies ensures that all companies 20 to 50,000+ have access to JungoHR.

Don't assume pricing will stand in the way of implementing a newer, better way of managing HR at your

company. Your organization can access JungoHR’s Core offering for 0$.

What does that mean? JungoHR can become your benefits consultant and manage your employee and group benefits

which will unlock access to all core modules for your organization at no additional cost or

implementation fee


It is important to note that you are not required to change insurance carrier to access JungoHR.

JungoHR Plus

To further simplify your HR processes, you can add a variety of JungoHR Plus modules to help fully customize your HRIS and simplify your workday.

The pricing for these add-ons varies depending on:

  • Number of eligible employees (i.e., on benefits)
  • Number of ineligible employees (i.e., not on benefits; contract; part-time)
  • Number of modules being chosen, and which modules (choosing certain modules impacts the implementation fees for other JungoHR modules as they need to be configured to work with each other, so additional modules add complexity, which generally adds cost)

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