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Attract, Motivate, and Develop Top Talent

Get the right people with the right skills in the right jobs.

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Automate the Hiring Process

Free up your HR team’s time with features like pre-populated job descriptions, automatic posting to external job boards, and social media integration.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Make it easy for candidates to apply for jobs by allowing them to create and edit an employee profile.


Track and Cultivate Competencies

Better describe jobs and their requirements, and apply competencies to individuals based on their unique skill sets.

Improve Productivity and Engagement

Identify training and skill gaps across your organization, and use this information to develop recruiting strategies and training programs.

Learning and Development

Improve Employee Performance

Encourage professional development and give your employees the resources they need to learn and improve their skills.

Cater to Various Learning Styles

Offer a range of training formats including live, in-class sessions or online courses with written, audio, video, and SCORM modules.

Assign Training and Assess Students

Assign courses and development programs to individuals or groups of employees, automatically assess students, and create detailed reports on all training and development.

Performance and Goals

Align Employees with Your Business Goals

Set visible, high-level goals for your team, department, or company to ensure everyone is working toward the same objectives.

Monitor Your Employees’ Progress

Track ongoing progress via regular updates from employees and their managers, and gain insights into cumulative efforts toward achieving goals.

Succession Planning

Motivate Your Employees to Succeed

Create custom development plans for each potential successor, reward your best performers, and avoid vacancies in key leadership opportunities.

Compensation Management

Benefit from Diverse Compensation Packages

Predict the impact of a variety of compensation types and make educated decisions to properly reward your employees.

Conduct Regular Performance Reviews

Easily generate compensation increases based on ratings from performance reviews, and automatically notify the right personnel.

Create a High-Performing Workforce

JungoHR Can Help You Better Manage Your Talent

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