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Attract, Motivate, and Develop Top Talent

Keep your employees informed and connected, and automate time-consuming administrative processes.

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Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Ensure your employees are informed of their schedules, and gain peace of mind knowing the right people are working at the right time.

Easily Cover Absences

Generate a list of staff available to fill a vacancy based on seniority, and change shift details as needed.


Reduce Data Entry

Automated time clocks record the day, time, and time zone by web-based, card-based, or bio-clocking devices.

Review Analytics

Determine trends and find out which employees regularly clock in early, late, or miss a clock punch entirely.


Gain Valuable Insights into Your Workforce

When employees complete timesheets, managers can track when their teams are working, as well as what they’re working on.

Leave Management

Simplify the Leave Request Process

Clarify, communicate, and gain insights from your leaves, while ensuring everyone understands their entitlement.

Expense Management

Save Time and Reduce Errors

Automate expense tracking and integrate it with other HR processes to organize and simplify your expense process.

Automatically Reimburse Employees

Manage employee-submitted expense statements and automatically reimburse them through payroll.  

Labour and Safety

Manage Employee Relations

Prepare and conduct employee satisfaction surveys, hold labour agreements online, and manage grievances.

Ensure Your Staff’s Safety

Implement comprehensive safety policies, and store all employee health information in one secure environment.

Start Maximizing Productivity

JungoHR Will Help You Save Time and Cut Down on Errors

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